GRC Academy Podcast March 20, 2024 S-1 / E-20 01:15:56

CMMC and Security Compliance in Higher Education

Interview with a Higher Education panel about CMMC and security compliance.

In this episode, Jacob speaks with a panel of information security experts from universities about CMMC and their experience preparing for it!

They discuss security and compliance challenges at universities, the Penn State NIST 800-171 False Claims Act lawsuit, and much more!

Here are some highlights from the episode:

  • How universities are different from other types of organizations
  • Different compliance requirements for universities
  • Who is involved in the execution of a government contract?
  • The drivers of cybersecurity compliance at universities
  • Thoughts on the Penn State False Claims Act lawsuit
  • How to drive positive cybersecurity change at a university
  • CUI enclaves at universities
  • Areas of CMMC that need clarification

Here are the panelists:

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