GRC Academy Podcast June 22, 2023 S-1 / E-8 00:18:30

From Aircraft Maintenance to GRC and Cybersecurity with Jonathan Fisher

Interview with military veteran and GRC professional Jonathan Fisher.

In this episode Jacob talks with GRC professional Jonathan Fisher.

Jonathan shifted into the GRC field after 20 years in the military supporting aircraft maintenance, and explains how others can do the same!

I started in an IT role, and I learned a lot from hearing about Jonathan’s and other’s experiences who don’t share my technical background.

Here are some key topics we discussed:

  • What GRC is
  • How he transitioned into GRC and cybersecurity
  • How nontechnical folks can transition into cybersecurity by starting in a GRC role
  • How most folks already have transferrable experience
  • What GRC frameworks to focus on
  • How to use LinkedIn to boost your career

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