GRC Academy Podcast July 22, 2023 S-1 / E-9 00:19:10

Securing the Oil & Gas Industry with Industrial OT Cybersecurity Expert Joseph Loomis

Interview with OT cybersecurity expert Joseph Loomis.

In this episode Jacob talks with operational technology (OT) cybersecurity expert Joseph Loomis!

Joseph is the President of Secrabus Inc where he performs cybersecurity assessments on Oil & Gas companies to help elevate their security posture and protect their critical assets.

Joseph shares his experiences after more than 15 years in the Oil & Gas industrial control system (ICS) and OT cybersecurity space.

Here are some key topics we discussed:

  • How he started in cybersecurity
  • The just in time deliverability aspect of Oil & Gas
  • IT and OT convergence
  • Defense in depth architecture
  • GRC Standards that apply to the Oil & Gas industry
  • Purdue Model for ICS Security
  • His risk assessment methodology
  • Interesting stories
  • And more!

Connect with Joseph on LinkedIn:

Secrabus Inc’s Website: