GRC Academy Podcast May 6, 2024 S-1 / E-23 00:28:02

ISO 27001 Essentials with Aron Lange

Interview with Aron Lange about ISO 27001.

In this episode, Jacob speaks with ISO 27001 expert Aron Lange!

Aron is the founder of the GRC Lab, and a Udemy instructor with more than 11,000 students! He is an experienced auditor for management systems based on ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 27018 and ISO 22301.

In this episode they discuss the essentials of ISO 27001 including the history of the standard and the changes in the latest revision, but also the significance of the organizations involved and the danger of ISO “certification paper mills.”

Here are some highlights from the episode:

  • The history of ISO 27001
  • Changes in ISO 27001:2022
  • Who are the IAF, accreditation bodies, and certification bodies?
  • The importance of hiring an IAF affiliated certification body
  • ISO scoping
  • Maintaining an ISO certification
  • Best practices for internal audits

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