GRC Academy Podcast February 29, 2024 S-1 / E-19 00:16:59

AI’s Impact on Cybersecurity Risk with Dr. Raghuram Srinivas of MetricStream

Interview with Dr. Raghuram Srinivas about the history of AI and some of the opportunities and risks it presents!

In this episode, Jacob talks to Dr. Raghuram Srinivas from MetricStream!

They discuss the beginnings of AI, how it has evolved over time, and the risks and opportunities it presents to companies around the world!

Raghuram is the Senior Vice President of Product Management at MetricStream. He is an AI expert and has worked in AI-focused roles at JPM Chase, KPMG, as well as the Watson Group at IBM.

Here are some highlights from the episode:

  • The history of AI
  • How do large language models (LLMs) work?
  • AI for GRC & GRC for AI
  • Using AI in cyber operations
  • The future of cyber risk

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