GRC Academy Podcast September 22, 2023 S-1 / E-13 00:29:05

CMMC Rulemaking with Jacob Horne

Interview with Jacob Horne about CMMC rulemaking.

In this episode Jacob Hill talks with Jacob Horne from Summit 7!

Jacob Horne is Summit 7’s Chief Security Evangelist, and has a unique genetic superpower that allows him to delve into NIST publications & government regulations without experiencing even a hint of boredom!

In the episode Jacob Horne explains the history leading up to the CMMC program, when CMMC may be required, and the significance of the FAR CUI rule!

Here are some key topics we discussed:

  • How he started in cybersecurity
  • The history leading up to CMMC
  • What is rulemaking
  • The two CMMC rules we are waiting on
  • When CMMC may appear in contracts
  • The FAR CUI rule and its importance
  • Why DHS and VA regulations were silent on NIST 800-171
  • When will the FAR CUI rule drop?

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