GRC Academy Podcast March 10, 2023 S-1 / E-1 00:20:51

NIST Cybersecurity Professional (NCSP) Training Program with Rick Lemieux

Interview with Rick Lemieux about the NIST Cybersecurity Professional (NCSP®) Program.

In this episode Jacob speaks with Rick Lemieux of the DVMS Institute about the NIST Cybersecurity Professional (NCSP®) training program, how it started, the government and private organizations that have adopted it, and its courses.

GRC Academy has partnered with CySec Professionals Ltd to offer the NCSP® training program.

The NCSP® Program is designed to help organizations create a culture-driven, adaptive, cyber-resilient enterprise capable of creating, protecting, delivering digital business value, and how the NIST CSF can be used to help manage digital business risks and ensure improved governance.

The NCSP® program is accredited through APMG International, assured through the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), and listed as qualified cyber training by Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) in the USA.

The NCSP® program includes 5 courses:

  1. NCSP® Digital Business Risk Awareness Certificate
  2. NCSP® Foundation Certificate
  3. NCSP® 800-53 Practitioner Certificate
  4. NCSP® 800-171 Specialist Certificate
  5. NCSP® ISO 27001 Specialist Certificate