• Requirement

    Establish a supply chain risk management team consisting of [Assignment: organization-defined personnel, roles, and responsibilities] to lead and support the following SCRM activities: [Assignment: organization-defined supply chain risk management activities].

  • Discussion

    To implement supply chain risk management plans, organizations establish a coordinated, team-based approach to identify and assess supply chain risks and manage these risks by using programmatic and technical mitigation techniques. The team approach enables organizations to conduct an analysis of their supply chain, communicate with internal and external partners or stakeholders, and gain broad consensus regarding the appropriate resources for SCRM. The SCRM team consists of organizational personnel with diverse roles and responsibilities for leading and supporting SCRM activities, including risk executive, information technology, contracting, information security, privacy, mission or business, legal, supply chain and logistics, acquisition, business continuity, and other relevant functions. Members of the SCRM team are involved in various aspects of the SDLC and, collectively, have an awareness of and provide expertise in acquisition processes, legal practices, vulnerabilities, threats, and attack vectors, as well as an understanding of the technical aspects and dependencies of systems. The SCRM team can be an extension of the security and privacy risk management processes or be included as part of an organizational risk management team.

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    Supply Chain Risk Management Plan | Establish SCRM Team
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    Supply Chain Risk Management
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NIST 800-53A Assessment Guidance

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