• Requirement

    1. Limit the use of commercially provided information assurance and information assurance-enabled information technology products to those products that have been successfully evaluated against a National Information Assurance partnership (NIAP)-approved Protection Profile for a specific technology type, if such a profile exists; and
    2. Require, if no NIAP-approved Protection Profile exists for a specific technology type but a commercially provided information technology product relies on cryptographic functionality to enforce its security policy, that the cryptographic module is FIPS-validated or NSA-approved.
  • Discussion

    See NIAP CCEVS for additional information on NIAP. See NIST CMVP for additional information on FIPS-validated cryptographic modules.

More Info

  • Title

    Acquisition Process | NIAP-approved Protection Profiles
  • Family

    System and Services Acquisition
  • NIST 800-53B Baseline(s)

    • Related NIST 800-53 ID


    NIST 800-53A Assessment Guidance

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