• Requirement

    Use all-source intelligence to assist in the analysis of risk.

  • Discussion

    Organizations employ all-source intelligence to inform engineering, acquisition, and risk management decisions. All-source intelligence consists of information derived from all available sources, including publicly available or open-source information, measurement and signature intelligence, human intelligence, signals intelligence, and imagery intelligence. All-source intelligence is used to analyze the risk of vulnerabilities (both intentional and unintentional) from development, manufacturing, and delivery processes, people, and the environment. The risk analysis may be performed on suppliers at multiple tiers in the supply chain sufficient to manage risks. Organizations may develop agreements to share all-source intelligence information or resulting decisions with other organizations, as appropriate.

More Info

  • Title

    Risk Assessment | Use of All-source Intelligence
  • Family

    Risk Assessment
  • NIST 800-53B Baseline(s)

    • Related NIST 800-53 ID

    NIST 800-53A Assessment Guidance

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