NIST 800-53 r5

Learn about NIST 800-53 r5 and explore its 1,000+ security controls.

  • Purpose

    NIST 800-53 is a security control catalog for the federal Risk Management Framework.

  • Control Baselines

    NIST 800-53B defines 3 security control baselines: low, moderate, and high. The impact baseline determines the number of security controls a system has to account for.

  • NIST 800-37

    NIST 800-37 defines the federal Risk Management Framework (RMF). RMF uses the security controls of NIST 800-53.


    Both FISMA and FedRAMP use the security controls of NIST 800-53.

  • 20 Control Families

    NIST 800-53 groups its security requirements into 20 families including access control, configuration management, and supply chain risk management.

  • Organization-Defined Parameters

    Organization-Defined Parameters are variables within a security control's text that can be populated by many sources including laws, agency policy, mission needs, etc.

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NIST 800-53 provides a catalog of security controls for federal systems.

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