• Requirement

    Employ automated or manual/procedural mechanisms to prohibit system components from connecting to organizational systems unless the components are known, authenticated, in a properly configured state, or in a trust profile.

  • Discussion

    Identification and authentication of system components and component configurations can be determined, for example, via a cryptographic hash of the component. This is also known as device attestation and known operating state or trust profile. A trust profile based on factors such as the user, authentication method, device type, and physical location is used to make dynamic decisions on authorizations to data of varying types. If device attestation is the means of identification and authentication, then it is important that patches and updates to the device are handled via a configuration management process such that the patches and updates are done securely and do not disrupt the identification and authentication of other devices. [IR 8011-1] provides guidance on using automation support to assess system configurations.

More Info

  • Family

    Identification and Authentication
  • Protection Strategy

    • Penetration-Resistant Architecture

NIST 800-172A Assessment Guidance

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