• Requirement

    Use threat indicator information and effective mitigations obtained from [Assignment: organization-defined external organizations] to guide and inform intrusion detection and threat hunting.

  • Discussion

    Threat information related to specific threat events (e.g., TTPs, targets) that organizations have experienced, threat mitigations that organizations have found to be effective against certain types of threats, and threat intelligence (i.e., indications and warnings about threats that can occur) are sourced from and shared with trusted organizations. This threat information can be used by organizational Security Operations Centers (SOC) and incorporated into monitoring capabilities. Threat information sharing includes threat indicators, signatures, and adversary TTPs from organizations participating in threat-sharing consortia, government-commercial cooperatives, and government-government cooperatives (e.g., CERTCC, CISA/US-CERT, FIRST, ISAO, DIB CS Program). Unclassified indicators, based on classified information but which can be readily incorporated into organizational intrusion detection systems, are available to qualified nonfederal organizations from government sources.

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  • Family

    System and Information Integrity
  • Protection Strategy

    • Damage-Limiting Operations

NIST 800-172A Assessment Guidance

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