• Requirement

    Employ [Assignment: organization-defined sources of threat intelligence] as part of a risk assessment to guide and inform the development of organizational systems, security architectures, selection of security solutions, monitoring, threat hunting, and response and recovery activities.

  • Discussion

    The constant evolution and increased sophistication of adversaries, especially the APT, makes it more likely that adversaries can successfully compromise or breach organizational systems. Accordingly, threat intelligence can be integrated into each step of the risk management process throughout the system development life cycle. This risk management process includes defining system security requirements, developing system and security architectures, selecting security solutions, monitoring (including threat hunting), and remediation efforts. [SP 800-30] provides guidance on risk assessments. [SP 800-39] provides guidance on the risk management process. [SP 800-160-1] provides guidance on security architectures and systems security engineering. [SP 800-150] provides guidance on cyber threat information sharing.

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  • Family

    Risk Assessment
  • Protection Strategy

    • Damage-Limiting Operations

NIST 800-172A Assessment Guidance

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