CMMC Overview Training for Defense Contractors (DIB)

GRC Academy

Zachary Nguyen

(5) - 06/20/2023

Zachary’s Review of CMMC Overview Training for Defense Contractors (DIB)

As a relative newcomer to the CMMC space, and as a student preparing for the CMMC CCP exam, I found this training course to be a refreshing overview of key concepts surrounding the CMMC program, the federal regulations and laws that drive it, entities that comprise the CMMC Ecosystem, the NIST special publications that serve as its security control frameworks, and much more.

Jacob’s concise and detailed presentation style, in addition to the provided resources (e.g., DoD CIO CMMC documentation, the DFARS and FAR regulations, the control explorer) are valuable tools for any GRC professional’s utility belt especially as they venture into compliance and security for the Defense Industrial Base.

We are fortunate to have people like Jacob producing this kind of accessible yet high-quality training content.