Travis Griffith

(5) - 12/01/2023

Travis’s Review of CMMC Overview Training for Defense Contractors (DIB)

Greetings, everyone! This course is an absolute must-have for anyone who is looking to navigate the complex twists and turns of the CMMC and other Government Standards. Jacob is extremely thorough in his presentation, and the fact that he personally provides you with instruction is a major, major benefit. His expertise shines through in every video, and when you take the quizzes at the end of the sections, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much new knowledge you’ve retained.

My team considers GRC Academy to be The Definitive Course for anyone seeking CMMC and other Government Requirements training. GRC Academy doesn’t cut corners, and you’ll see that right away. The training moves at a great pace without wasting time, and it repeats information enough for you to retain it with clarity.

It’s an extremely reasonable investment to get you months or years ahead on knowledge that would have otherwise been scattered all over the map. I estimate that Jacob’s course, materials, and quizzes, have saved me over 10 weeks of research and grinding out details.