John Amador

(5) - 01/29/2023

John’s Review of CMMC Overview Training for Defense Contractors (DIB)

I recently took the CMMC Overview Training for Small and Medium Businesses course offered by GRC Academy and I was extremely impressed by the level of detail and expertise that Jacob Hill brought to the class. The course was well organized and easy to follow, with a clear and concise presentation of the material.

I appreciated the real-world examples and case studies used to reinforce the concepts being taught. Jacob Hill is a knowledgeable and engaging instructor who truly cares about his students’ understanding of the material.

The course exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to gain a thorough understanding of these critical security standards. Even if your organization doesn’t pursue certification, this is a great framework to implement controls to help protect your organization.

Overall, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to take this course through GRC Academy and I believe that the knowledge and skills I gained will be invaluable in my future endeavors.