David Donahue

(5) - 02/21/2023

David’s Review of CMMC Overview Training for Defense Contractors (DIB)

If you are looking to get up to speed on CMMC, look no further.

This was my first foray into CMMC, it was interesting how there was some overlap from my previous experience as a Contracting Officers Representative. Putting together contract documents like a SOW or requirements documentation means a bit more than simply copy-pasta clauses that you might not fully understand. If you are a Contracting Officer, COR about to start work on a new contract, or a business owner looking to bid on DoD contract work, take the time and go through the course.

As a business, you really need to start digging into the CMMC levels and the requirements to obtain each. There are a considerable amount of CMMC requirements to go from level 1 to levels 2 and 3.

The course had me thinking about follow on training from GRC Academy. Jacob’s presentation style is in my wheelhouse. Little bits of humor and personal experiences kept me engaged. I love his upbeat presentation style as well. His intros for each video always made me smile.