• Requirement

    Prevent reuse of identifiers for a defined period.

  • Discussion

    Identifiers are provided for users, processes acting on behalf of users, or devices (IA.L2-3.5.1). Preventing reuse of identifiers implies preventing the assignment of previously used individual, group, role, or device identifiers to different individuals, groups, roles, or devices.

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  • Title

    Identifier Reuse
  • Domain

    Identification and Authentication
  • CMMC Level

  • Related NIST 800-171 ID

  • Related NIST 800-53 ID


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  • Further Discussion

    Identifiers uniquely associate a user ID to an individual, group, role, or device. Establish guidelines and implement mechanisms to prevent identifiers from being reused for the period of time established in the policy.


    As a system administrator, you maintain a central directory/domain that holds the accounts for users, computers, and network devices. As part of your job, you issue unique usernames (e.g., riley@acme.com) for the staff to access resources. When you issue staff computers you also rename the computer to reflect to whom it is assigned (e.g., riley-laptop01). Riley has recently left the organization, so you must manage the former staff member’s account. Incidentally, their replacement is also named Riley. In the directory, you do not assign the previous account to the new user, as policy has defined an identifier reuse period of 24 months [a]. In accordance with policy, you create an account called riley02 [b]. This account is assigned the appropriate permissions for the new user. A new laptop is also provided with the identifier of riley02-laptop01.

    Potential Assessment Considerations

    • Are accounts uniquely assigned to employees, contractors, and subcontractors [b]?
    • Are account identifiers reused [b]?

NIST 800-171A Assessment Guidance

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