• Requirement

    Route remote access via managed access control points.

  • Discussion

    Routing remote access through managed access control points enhances explicit, organizational control over such connections, reducing the susceptibility to unauthorized access to organizational systems resulting in the unauthorized disclosure of CUI.

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  • Title

    Remote Access Routing
  • Domain

    Access Control
  • CMMC Level

  • Related NIST 800-171 ID

  • Related NIST 800-53 ID


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  • Further Discussion

    The OSA can route all remote access through a limited number of remote access control points to reduce the attack surface and simplify network management. This allows for better monitoring and control of the remote connections.

    This requirement, AC.L2-3.1.14, limits remote access to specific access control points and complements five other requirements dealing with remote access (AC.L2-3.1.12, AC.L2-3.1.13, AC.L2-3.1.15, IA.L2-3.5.3, and MA.L2-3.7.5):

    • AC.L2-3.1.12 requires the control of remote access sessions.
    • AC.L2-3.1.13 requires the use of cryptographic mechanisms when enabling remote sessions.
    • AC.L2-3.1.15 requires authorization for privileged commands executed during a remote session.
    • IA.L2-3.5.3 requires multifactor authentication for network access to non-privileged accounts.
    • Finally, MA.L2-3.7.5 requires the addition of multifactor authentication for remote maintenance sessions.


    You manage systems for a company that processes CUI at multiple locations, and several employees at different locations need to connect to the organization’s networks while working remotely. Because each company location has a direct connection to headquarters, you decide to route all remote access through the headquarters location [a]. All remote traffic is routed through a single location to simplify monitoring [b].

    Potential Assessment Considerations

    • How many managed access control points are implemented [a]?
    • Is all remote access routed through the managed access control points [b]?

NIST 800-171A Assessment Guidance

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