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Founder @ GRC Academy | September 18, 2023 · < 1 min read


GRC Academy is pleased to announce that our CMMC Overview Course is now available for sale to government personnel on GSA Advantage!

To date our course has received 33 5-star reviews! The course has been described as “outstanding,” “extraordinary,” and “amazing”! We are very thankful for the positive feedback!

Just like contractors in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB), government personnel in the Department of Defense (DoD) need to understand CMMC and the many contractual and cybersecurity requirements behind it.

If you serve as a Contracting Officer, Contracting Officer Representative, Program Manager, Information Systems Security Manager, or any other role that is responsible for developing requirements for DoD contracts or managing defense contractors, this course is for you!

Our founder Jacob Hill worked for the government for nearly 5 years at Marine Corps Systems Command. During that time, he supported an IT procurement shop where he worked closely with contract specialists. Jacob has completed DAU courses and achieved DAWIA level III in IT, and level I in PM, and he also served as a COR and Project Manager.

Most recently Jacob has been serving as the Director of Cyber Operations at a small business in the DIB and has been developing a cybersecurity program in preparation for NIST 800-171 and CMMC.

Jacob has seen both sides of the fence, and he believe GRC Academy’s CMMC Overview course will greatly benefit the Department of Defense as they prepare to implement CMMC into contracts.

CMMC Training

Our CMMC Overview Course simplifies CMMC. Enroll so you can make informed decisions!