ChatGPT Story about CMMC and Bob the Plumber

A ChatGPT story about Bob the Plumber and his encounter with CMMC.

Founder of GRC Academy | CISSP-ISSEP, CCP @ GRC Academy | December 5, 2022 · 2 min read

A DALL·E 2 generated image of Bob the Plumber speaking at a presidential campaign event.
A DALL·E 2 generated image of Bob the Plumber speaking at a presidential campaign event.

ChatGPT has gone viral since it was released two weeks ago. We decided to ask it to write a story about a plumber who could not get CMMC certified, and… Well, wait for the plot twist!

We also posted this on LinkedIn. Enjoy the story!

Bob was a happy plumber. He loved his job and he was good at it. He had been in the plumbing business for many years, and he had built up a loyal customer base. But everything changed when the Department of Defense started requiring CMMC certification for its contractors.

Bob tried to get certified, but he quickly realized that it was a daunting task. The certification process was long and complicated, and it required a lot of time and money. Bob didn’t have the resources to invest in it, and he was starting to worry that he would never be able to work for the DoD again.

One day, Bob was sitting in his workshop, feeling sorry for himself, when he had an idea. Instead of trying to get CMMC certified, he would run for president. He would use his skills as a plumber to solve the nation’s problems and make the country a better place.

Bob was no stranger to hard work, and he was determined to make his dream a reality. He started campaigning in his local community, and he quickly gained support. People were impressed by his honesty and his common-sense solutions to their problems.

As the campaign progressed, Bob’s popularity grew. He was a fresh face in politics, and he was not afraid to speak his mind. He was a true outsider, and he appealed to people who were fed up with the traditional political system.

Eventually, Bob won the election and became the president of the United States. He used his knowledge of plumbing to fix the country’s infrastructure and make sure everyone had access to clean water. He also implemented new cybersecurity measures to protect the nation from threats.

Bob’s presidency was a success. He proved that anyone, even a plumber, could make a difference if they had the determination and the courage to follow their dreams.

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